June 9, 2016: Updates of JPO Initiatives

Event Materials: Updates of JPO Initiatives
This presentation material is provided by the Japan Patent Office as a courtesy to the WSPLA members. The use of the slides and any information contained therein by the recipient does not constitute legal advice.


Hitoshi ITOPresenter: Hitoshi ITO
Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office


WSPLA is excited to welcome Hitoshi ITO to speak at a special June 9, 2016 lunch event. Mr. Hitoshi Ito has served as Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office (JPO) at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since July 2014. He supervises JPO policy initiatives aimed at creating the world’s fastest and highest quality intellectual property system. He also leads JPO drives to, offer intellectual property support to SMEs and venture firms which play a key role in Japan’s regional economies, and promote greater international harmonization of intellectual property systems. Immediately prior to his current assignment, Mr. Ito served as Director-General of Japan’s Reconstruction Agency focusing on efforts to revitalize the Fukushima area following the accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This role followed assignments as Director-General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency’s Business Environment Department (METI) and Councilor to the Cabinet Secretariat. Early in his career at METI, Mr. Ito spent three years on assignment at the New York office of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) promoting trade and investment between Japan and the US.


Description: This session will focus on the broad picture of the updates and initiatives at the JPO, including initiatives on examinations, and recent revisions to post-grant opposition and Examination Guidelines.


Topic areas include:

1.  Trends of Patent Applications Filed in JPO
2.  Globalization of Company Activities
3.  Examination Related Initiatives of JPO
4.  Recent Revisions to Patent Laws and Examination Guidelines in Japan
5.  International Initiatives