WSPLA Committees

The Washington State Patent Law Association currently has six standing committees. WSPLA Members are welcome to volunteer for any committee to contribute to the Association’s activities and to enhance their experience with the Association and the intellectual property law community.

Amicus and Litigation Committee

Chair: Grant Kinsel

Board Liaison: Bobby Soltani

Committee Members: Dale Barr, Brian Bodine, Fred Kaseburg, Paul Leuzzi, Greg Plichta, Jerry A. Riedinger, Patrick Santos, Tiffany Scott, Rosemary Sweeney, Michael J. Swope, Steve Blair, Mark Carlson, Derek Linke, Ryan McBrayer, Brian C. Park, Kathleen Petrich, Drew Voth, Beth Wehrkamp, Dan Whittle

Mission: To assist the WSPLA Board in determining whether the organization should file an amicus brief related to an important intellectual property issue pending in a judicial matter. The committee will consider whether an issue significantly impacts the value of intellectual property rights or enforcement of such rights, as well as the interest of its members and the public. If the committee recommends a position to participate in a matter, and the Board approves, the committee shall then ensure that an appropriate brief is drafted, approved and submitted to the court following the current approved processes of WSPLA for the filing of such amicus briefs. To provide professional networking opportunities for WSPLA members who handle primarily patent litigation, to improve the quality of advocacy and professionalism in patent cases through litigation-focused gatherings, and to foster a closer relationship between WSPLA members and the Bench.

Community Education Committee

Chair: Steve Blair

Board Liaison: Gloria Steinberg

Committee Members: Scott Adams, Pam Kohli Jacobson

Mission: Advance the intellectual property understanding of inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and students.

Content Committee

Chair: Jim Baunach

Board Liaison: Venu Sareen

Committee Members: Open to new members.

Mission: The mission of the Content Committee is to provide WSPLA members with access to pertinent content through evaluation, creation and distribution of content via various channels including WSPLA’s meetings, website, email, and social media. The content may include patent-related resources, news, events, articles, opportunities, and other content that is valuable to WSPLA members and Washington’s patent community.

Mentoring Committee

Chair: Joseph Probst

Board Liaison: Julie Kane Akhter


Committee Members: Robyn Adams, Han Gim, Hugh Matsubayashi, and Tom Wong.

Mission: The mission of the WSPLA Mentoring Committee is to mentor law students who attend a law school in Washington State and who are interested in practicing patent law upon graduation.

Patent Office Rules and Practices Committee

Chair: Justin Coe

Board Liaison: Greg Plichta

Committee Members: Farzin Beyzavi, Eric Harwood, Melissa Harwood, Daetan Huck, Dev Narasimhan, Mary Redman, Elizabeth Reilly, Beth Schubert, Bobby Soltani and Elen Wetzel. Committee is open to additional members.

Mission: To assist the WSPLA Board in determining whether the organization should file comments or papers related to an important intellectual property issue pending in an administrative matter or with regard to proposed agency rules and notices. The committee will work to improve office practices in the USPTO. When appropriate, the committee will recommend to the Board comments on such suggested changes in patent practice that would impact the value of intellectual property rights or enforcement of such rights. This committee would also organize educational sessions on patent practice for WSPLA, including, e.g., the Group 1600 PTO Road Show and other like events.

Social Committee

Chair: Shan Liao

Board Liaison: Beth Schubert

Committee Members: Leslie Aberman, Priya Cloutier, Vitaliana Conforti, Scott Gilbert, Damon Kruger, Joe Murphy, Vladimir Raskin.

Mission: Evaluates interests of the Association’s membership in participating in social functions, and organizes and conducts social functions accordingly.