November 20, 2019 CLE: Brexit and Its Effects on IP Rights

Nick McDonald from the Law Firm of Potter Clarkson will discuss the implication of Brexit on various aspects of IP practice, including patents, design registrations, trademarks, copyrights, supplementary protection certificates, and trade secrets. The discussion will address possible scenarios of Brexit (or whichever scenario that has been finalized at the time, including a no-deal scenario), and how to deal with various issues related to IP.


Entree Choices:

Grilled flat iron steak Heirloom cherry tomato and roasted corn salsa, crispy triple pepper polenta, and roasted butternut squash, cilantro oil

Honey-barbecue chicken Roasted yam purée, roasted corn and pepper-bacon succotash, and coleslaw

Roasted vegetable ravioli Smoked eggplant, harissa purée, sweet potato chips, basil