June 24, 2020 Free CLE: The World According to 112

Event Notes: COJK Presentation S 112 FINAL, 2020-06-24 Recent-ish Developments in Indefiniteness, and 2020-06-24 WSPLA CLE – Functional Claiming in Litigation
This presentation material is provided by Ramsey M. Al-Salam and John Whitaker as a courtesy to the WSPLA members. The use of the slides and any information contained therein by the recipient does not constitute legal advice.


This CLE will cover the latest developments concerning 35 U.S.C. 112, including means-plus-function claiming, enablement, written description and indefiniteness. Understanding how the requirements of section 112 play out in enforcement actions is critical to drafting good patents. What is the role of the specification, for example, in determining whether a claim term should be construed under section 112(f)? How can decisions invalidating claims for lack of “full scope” enablement be harmonized with the principle that claims can cover after-arising developments? Has Nautilus resulted in more claims being invalidated for indefiniteness. The CLE will address these and other important issues relating to section 112.


To register, send an email to info@wspla.org and request the Microsoft Teams Meeting Link.