Fall Virtual Social Featuring Online Game: Patently Stupid

Welcome to another year of social activity within the WSPLA, albeit a somewhat difficult year for being social. As we strive to do our best to provide interesting social activities while also remaining socially distant, we have a unique social event planned for October. We will be hosting an online game of “Patently Stupid.” This online game is advertised as a game for people who are just bursting with inventive ideas and provides an opportunity to show off your creative genius. Purportedly, this game will turn you into a modern Tom Edison!


We will have room for exactly eight participants (e.g., contestants) per round of game, but will also have room for everybody to watch as well. If you want to be one of the eight of first round participants, please RSVP (kevin.jablonski@FisherBroyles.com) as soon as possible so you can be among the first eight to declare your inventive prowess amongst peers. If you don’t want to be the first eight, or are simply wanting to watch, please still RSVP stating as much.


When – October 28, 2020 at 6 PM
Where – Jackboxgames/patently-stupid (Credentials to follow upon RSVP)


Looking forward to a unique and interesting social activity complete with social distancing.Pat